Burwell Hatchery

Rearing Birds

Burwell Hatchery also caters for customers who wish to set up on their own. Whether you wish to rear meat birds or egg-layers we provide an easy-to-use starter package tailored
to meet your needs.

With flocks of many thousands of birds the production requirements are more demanding than simply putting the birds in a field and feeding them. Ducks are complex animals and you will need to understand many environmental factors that affect their behaviour.

We have many years of expertise in this field and we provide a starter package, consisting of 3 manuals, designed to pass this experience on to you.

Strategy Manual
This manual is aimed at the site manager and will guide him in the basic principles of caring for large such flocks of birds and maintaining a busy and profitable business.

Procedures Manual
The second manual in the package is designed for training and supporting the team as they carry out the many activities necessary to providing care for the flocks and processing the end product.

Health and Safety Manual
The final manual sets down general health and safety policies for poultry production at this scale.

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