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Welcome to Burwell Hatchery

Burwell Hatchery is regarded as one of East Anglia's foremost duck hatchery and breeding farms, known for it's care of both flocks and staff and it's attention to the preservation of
the environment.

The small family run venture began operating in 1982 with the property at Mattishall, a former Bernard Matthews turkey breeding farm. We began by specialising in the breeding and hatching of ducklings,
and have continued to grow to become a very successful business.

We currently house around 20,000 birds managed by nearly 30 staff and we are capable of supplying over 50,000 day-olds per week, for egg and meat flocks, and over 60,000 eggs per week into the
retail market.

We have a large customer base across the UK and Northern Ireland and with our recent acceptance
into the Poultry Health Scheme we can now supply to customers in the EU.

With complete control over the entire chain from breeding stock and layers through to grading and packing and now even delivery, we make a comprehensive choice for our customers.

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